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Stunning House Renovation in London


Welcome to KBB Studio LTD, where we’re passionate about providing exceptional Feng Shui home renovation London services that help you achieve optimal living by enhancing your wealth, health, wisdom, and success.

At KBB Studio LTD, we understand that the importance of home renovation goes beyond just aesthetics. While the look and feel of your living space are important, it’s crucial to create and maintain positive energy that can significantly impact your overall well-being.

Our approach to home renovation involves a careful evaluation and plan to create an environment that is not only visually pleasing but also conducive to enhancing your life. We believe that the energy of your living and working spaces can shape your life in surprising ways, but it’s only by directing that flow of energy to your advantage that you can experience profound transformations in your life.

Your dream home, built with Feng Shui wisdom


At KBB Studio LTD, we’re highly trained and experienced in the art of Feng Shui, a sacred Chinese knowledge that identifies enchantment directions for free energy flow. By applying this knowledge, we provide personalized arrangements of shapes, colors, and furniture that create balance and encourage positive changes in your lifestyle.



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Innovative & Uplifiting Home Renovations in London

Home Renovation

House Renovations in London

When it comes to house renovations in London, our goal is to create an environment that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also improves the quality of life for homeowners.

This involves identifying the Bagua map, a tool used to map out the energy flow in the home. By using this map, we can identify the key areas that need attention to improve the overall energy flow. This helps us to create a harmonious living space that supports health, prosperity, and well-being.

To achieve this, we aim to balance the five elements in the home. These elements, including wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, must be balanced to create a harmonious living space that supports optimal living. We do this by using appropriate colors, textures, and materials that help to balance the elements in the home. This includes everything from paint colors to furniture and decor.



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Exploring Feng Shui's Fundamentals

Step into the fascinating world of Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese practice steeped in tradition and wisdom that aims to balance the energy flow in a space and its relationship with the environment. By arranging and positioning objects in a way that promotes positive energy, or “chi,” and eliminates any obstructions that could impede its flow, Feng Shui seeks to create a balanced and harmonious space that enhances one’s overall quality of life.

Feng Shui is not just limited to homes, but it can also be applied to workplaces and other environments to create a conducive atmosphere that supports productivity and well-being. Fundamental principles include the use of the Bagua map to identify key areas in a space, where each area is linked to a different aspect of one’s life, such as wealth, relationships, or health. Additionally, the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) are incorporated to create a sense of balance and harmony that promotes positive energy flow.



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“Flawlessly tailored to my taste. KBB Studio team were a pleasure to work with, and I’m thrilled with my renovated space. I look forward to hosting many memorable events here. Thank you!”


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“KBB Studio LTD crafted a luxurious home that pays tribute to my family and legacy. Her thoughtful details and decor made me feel safe and appreciated. I look forward to future collaborations with her team.”


Sylwia Dmochowska e1682429822546

“I’m very particular and KBB Studio absolutely nailed it. My penthouse is exactly a reflection of me and I love hosting in this space, my friends all love coming over now. You guys are amazing!”


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